Topic outline

  • Online Professional Development

    The Johnny Can Spell approach employs direct, systematic, explicit instruction as it integretes phonological awareness, phonics, handwriting, spelling, vocabulary, and word grammar instruction in word study lessons.

    On-demand training is provided online 24/7 to build your capacity in content knowledge and pedagogy, to grow your confidence in your ability to successfully develop reading and writing skills for all your students.

    • One of the most effective types of PD, is one that offers specificity in training via modeling and teaching point discussion. The effectiveness of professional development dramatically increases when implementation occurs concurrently with the training. This is possible with the design of JCSpell Word Study.

      This document is an outline of the online course with a pacing schedule/guide for concurrently training and implementing. It offers an alignment of the course Sessions with the JCSpell lessons in Lesson Planners Series (Grades K-3) and Word Analyses Series (Grades 4-5).

    • Complete JCSpell Word Study online workshop in 2 hours a week for 8 weeks following this weekly plan.  The Pacing Guide provides listing of session content and viewing time. It does not align training with implementation. If using this guide, Alice Nine recommends completing through Session 10 before beginning classroom implementation.  For a guide for training and implementation that is concurrent, see the JCSpell Training-Implementation Guide (above).

  • Experience a workshop session

    JCSpell Word Study online workshop has sixteen sessions. Alice Nine invites you to participate as a guest in two of the sessions.

    Enter a session using the links below or enter from the list of modules on the "About Johnny Can Spell" page.

    • Experience Session 3 from JCSpell Word Study workshop (Sample 1)

      Lesson Content
        Flash Card Routine
        Phonogram dictation with self-checking
        Front-loading new phonograms: g, o, s, qu

    • Experience Session 12 from JCSpell Word Study workshop (Sample 2)
      Lesson Content
        Retrieval practices
        Spelling Chart Seven
        Front-loading new phonograms: aw, au, ew, ui
        Think to SpellĀ® new words: she, can, my, of.

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