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    • NINE Enterprises offers professional development services in a variety of virtual venues employing live virtual sessions and/or on-demand sessions, along with lesson videos that can be used in the classroom to support implementation of training. 

      We will customize our professional development virtual events, uniquely designing an event for your school, aligning content with your school improvement plan and scheduling to best align with your calendar.

      Alice Nine's capacity-building literacy workshops have been life-changing for hundreds of teachers.

    • Purchase online at Alice Nine Store.

      To use a purchase order, begin by submitting a request for a quote using our Academy Contact Form.

    • These are the primary student notebooks that teachers asked Alice Nine to create.

      Teachers appreciate the unique design of these notebooks that supports letter formation and page organization. Each lesson gives initial guided support that is followed by a gradual release so students do the work on their own. For example, when introducing one of the alphabet phonograms, students write it in track letters which gradually fade until students are writing the letter with only the green dot beginning point to help them. After a few of these, students write the letter without track letters or green dot beginning points.

      Visit online Alice Nine Store for more details and to purchase online. Contact Alice Nine for a quote.

    • Subscribe (Subscription Packages: K-1, 2-3, 4-5) to access courses.

      Student material, printed in full-color, is available for purchase from NINE Enterprises. (Document masters are linked in the courses so you can do your own printing onsite.)

      Visit Alice Nine Academy to view course video clips and peruse resources.

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