Topic outline

  • Integrating Language Instruction

  • The JCSpell Way

    Phonemic Awareness
    The 70 Orton Phonograms
    Consonants/Vowels and Voiced/Voiceless

    • Video Sketch: What is phonemic awareness? How does JCSpell provide practice in phonemic awareness? (02m 35s)

      Note: Phonemic awareness activities are embedded in Alice Nine's "Think to Spell" routine.

    • Video Sketch: How does some phonics instruction cause confusion? Why does JCSpell use plain cards for the phonograms? (06m 55s)s

    • Video Sketch: When are pictures an appropriate learning tool? (04m 09s)

    • Video Sketch: What is phonics? How does JCSpell provide phonics instruction? After front-loading the phonograms, JCSpell continues retrieval practices through flash card drills and dictation. JCSpell also provides applied practice through the "Think to Spell" routine. (02m 52s)

    • Alice models the "Flash Cards" routine with the first 54 phonograms. "Flash Cards" is a brisk, brief daily retrieval practice. (YouTube video)

    • See and hear all 70 common English phonograms taught in JCSpell. (Also includes 26 videos models for lower case letter formation.)

      PhonogramPage, a free user site, is an Alice Nine website.

    • Video Sketch: How do consonant sounds and vowel sounds differ? What are voiceless sounds? What are voiced sounds? How does knowing about these sound classifications affect spelling? (09m 50s)

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