Topic outline

  • This module contains Johnny Can Spell product descriptions and virtual samples.  See Alice Nine Catalogs for a listing all products and services and costs and ordering information.

  • Teacher and Student Materials

      Phonogram Card Set
      JCSpell Teacher's Guide
      Lesson Planner Series (7 binders)
      Word Analyses Series (4 binders)
      Student Notebooks (4 kinds)

    • Video Sketch: How do Alice Nine's manuals (binders, guides) align with the Framework for Literacy and the research-based components and essential elements of a successful literacy program as discussed in this module? (04m 53s)

      For virtual sample pages, see links below.

      For more information about purchasing, go to Alice Nine Catalogs.

    • Download a blackline master of miniature 70 Orton phonogram cards (front side only), compliments of Alice Nine. Use as student cards for learning games, station work, and individual practice.

    • This document provides a two-page glance at the instructional resources available in Books 1:1 through 3:2, Lesson Planner Series.

    • View student notebook SAMPLES

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