Welcome to Alice Nine's Professional Development Center.  And because you are here, we will assume that you want to help students become proficient readers and writers. Well, it is our mission to help you do that!

    Empower with English Proficiency!

    • California signs cursive handwriting into law!
      The research has established the importance of cursive handwriting to overall development of language skills. A dozen states are now  mandating it a part of elementary instruction.

      Would you like help teaching cursive handwriting? 
      Using plain paper and pencils, Alice Nine teaches the cursive formation of individual letters, connections between cursive letters, and seamless writing of words in cursive. 
      The virtual course, Cursive Handwriting, is available at Alice Nine Academy. It has 25 lessons and streams into your classroom or home 24/7.
    • WATCH  Writing for STAAR, Module 8, Video 1. (a student-friendly video)
      Video Sketch:
        What is a central idea statement? How do I write one?    Viewing Time: 9 minutes

    • a virtual workshop

      Crafting sentences can be challenging--even for good writers. But with a knowledge of sentence structures and guided opportunities to apply that knowledge, students can learn how to purposefully craft their sentences and lift the level of their writing. It's easy to do with Alice Nine's "Tactical Sentence Instruction" routine.
      Enroll now and learn how.

    • a virtual workshop

      Do you want to lift student reading and writing levels?
      Use the Johnny Can Spell approach to integrate phonics and spelling using Alice Nine's "Think to Spell" learning routine.
      Enroll now and learn how.

      "It's a great day to be teaching reading and writing!"

    • "I've been there. I know the feeling and frustration."