Crafting sentences can be challenging--even for good writers. But with a knowledge of sentence structures and guided opportunities to apply it, students can learn how to purposefully craft their sentences and life the level of their writing.

Once Alice Nine takes her students through Grammar Boot Camp (available at, she uses a ten-minute* routine that she developed to teach sentence level writing and use to support student gains in both reading and writing. You can use this routine daily to

  • Notice grammar purposefully whether reading or writing
  • Learn to analyze the structure of a sentence
  • Practice the use of conventions of writing
  • Develop editing and revising skills
  • Teach without workbooks and worksheets
  • Blend into your core ELA instruction
Enjoy the diversity of webinar style "how-to" videos and "In-the-classroom" student-facing videos in this workshop.
  • Experience how-to videos and "think like a teacher"
  • Experience in-the-classroom videos and "think like a student"

How do I enroll?

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*This is a ten-minute routine because it is the time allotted to it, not because everything in the routine can be done in ten minutes.