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    Johnny Can Spell Start-Up
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    May 10, 2017 

    Enjoy a combination of one day LIVE (face-to-face) and extended online Sessions with Alice Nine.
    •   LIVE day: You will understand how JCS integrates your ELAR instruction phonemic awareness, phonics, handwriting, spelling, vocabulary in a single lesson. And you will experience what a lesson looks / feels / sounds like through an examination of learning routines.
    •   Online sessions: Walk through lessons, step-by-step with simulated lessons, each followed by a close examination of teaching points. Also includes personal feedback to participants. Access is 24/7 at-your-pace. Enroll now and enjoy professional development through summer and into next fall.

    BONUS: TouchPoint Modules online for continuing support 
during implementation.

    There are no prerequisites for attending the LIVE day on May 10.

    Click HERE to view / print outline of the online sessions.

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  • Interactive Poetry Notebook
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    May 11, 2017

    Five days for a poem: listening, visualizing, reading, noticing, working with words, examining the craft, digging for meaning, using text evidence.

    Create Teacher’s Edition of Interactive Poetry Notebook
    • Experience the instructional activities in real time
    • Make connections to Reading TEKS
    • Examine STAAR connections
    • Review basics of poetry

    Receive online access to resources.

    Visit Alice Nine's blog, Talking with Letters, to view how-to posts about Day One and Day Two with my Interactive Poetry Notebook.

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  • Grammar through Sentences
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    ! !  NEW Workshop  ! !

    May 12, 2017

    Alice Nine will show you how to effectively teach and practice grammar application for the sake of reading and writing improvement.

      Spend the entire day working on sentence skills, aiming for understanding and mastery of grammar that improves sentence composition through purposeful revision and editing.
    •   We will be using Padlet (so you can hone your tech skills).
    •   Sentence mapping -- one of the activities that you will learn how Alice does it

    View more sentence maps on "Talking with Letters" --Alice Nine's blog

    BONUS:  Participants will receive a subscription to how-to videos to create an Interactive Grammar Notebook


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    Writing & Reading Poetry
    (click for flyer)

    ! !  an all NEW evening workshop  ! !

    May 10 & 11, 2017
    5:00 to 7:00 PM / both Wed. & Thurs.

    Compose & read amazing poems
    • Examine crafting moves for poetry
    • Take ideas immediately back to your classroom
    • Compose poems with stems and frames
    • Go beyond the haiku

    Found poems with variations your students will love
    Look into the cross curricular use of poetry to grow literacy

    Visit Alice Nine's blog, Talking with Letters, to view poems she has composed.
    To find them easily, click on "Poetry" under "Stuff I Write About" in the right side bar.

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