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    The 4th Grade STAAR™ Essay
    DIGITAL PD --  24/7  -- At your convenience! -- Until March 31, 2018

      !! NEW !! Module 5: From Prompt to Essay  added Jan 21, 2018  

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    Winter 2018 Special -- $35 per teacher

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    Outline of  Modules 

    ✔︎ Deciphering the STAAR™ Rubrics

     ✔︎ Deconstructing Expository Prompts

    ✔︎ Developing the Expository Essay 
         --Writing a thesis using 4th prompt
          --Using the X-Builder

    ✔︎ Know the Difference: Personal Narrative vs. Expository
        --Compare and contrast with Mr. Marshmallow

    ✔︎ 4th Grade STAAR™-like prompts

    PLUS -
    Module 5 videos replicating the workshop on Jan. 17, 2018

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  • Johnny Can Spell Start-Up Training
    DIGITAL PD -- 24/7 -- At your convenience!
    Enrollment is OPEN

    Complete online training with Alice Nine.
       Work at a learning pace that works for you in the comfort of your home.
       Experience routines and rituals, step-by-step with Alice's simulated lessons.
       Examine teaching points and instruction helps.
       Receive personal feedback via email from Alice Nine.

    BONUS:  JCSpell TouchPoint Modules, online for continuing support 
during implementation.

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    Enroll any time. 
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    The 70 Orton phonograms taught in Johnny Can Spell

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