The Morrison-McCall Spelling Scale is a standardized dictated spelling test containing eight subtests. The Morrison-McCall Spelling Scale is recommended as an assessment tool for Johnny Can Spell instruction. The testing booklet is included in the Johnny Can Spell Teacher's Guide. It can also be downloaded here.

The test was developed to be used with spelling curriculum that used the spelling list of high frequency words researched by Leonard Ayres and the Russell Foundation. Test norms were established in 1923 based on research with hundreds of students in US public schools.

When the test directions are strictly adhered to, comparison of individual student progress using standard deviation scores can be tracked can from one subtest to another. Also, when the same subtest is administered during a school-wide testing window, horizontal grade level and vertical school-wide comparisons can be made to determine grade level progress and school-wide progress.

The Morrison-McCall Spelling Scale can be used strictly as a summative tool. However, if one analyzes student misspellings on the test, it can also be used as a formative assessment tool.