Enroll in a Course

Only Members can enroll in a course. 

Membership is FREE.

Go to Course categories (There is a link to it at the bottom of this page.)

There is a gray i-button circle located after the course title; click it to read information about the course before you purchase.

There are three types of courses; the icon beside the title indentifies the kind of course.

    • FREE  
      Box with an arrow --Courses with a small gray arrow pointing to a box are FREE; available for IMMEDIATE enrollment

    • Purchased  
      $ sign
       --Courses with a $ sign (dollar sign) are available for immediate purchased enrollment

    • Closed  
      Without an icon --Courses without either icon are closed to general registration

HOW TO ENROLL in a Course

FREE Courses:

    1. Click on Course title
    2. The course will immediately open for you. 
      (If you are not logged in, you will be directed to do so.)

Purchased Courses:

    1. Click on Course title
    2. "Enrollment options" will open
      (If you are not logged in, you will be directed to do so.)
    3. Use Visa or MasterCard to purchase
    4. Click "Process Payment" button at the bottom. 
    5. Your order will be processed immediately, and the course will open automatically for you. You will receive an email receipt.
    6. You are purchasing access for a specified time. It will close when that time has expired. Please make note of your access time!

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