Ba-Da-Bing Sentences

A Writing the STAAR™ Essays in 2015 Module

What is Ba-Da-Bing?

Ba-Da-Bing* is a simple writing strategy that can be used from kindergarten through high school. It belongs in every student's Writer's Toolbox; a great tool for revision.

It is excellent for fleshing out narrative writing by incorporating elements of setting, sensory details and action or reflection -- all in one or two flowing sentences. Ba-Da-Bings make great leads or conclusions in short personal narratives.

Writing Ba-Da-Bings is a bell ringer activity. 

*A Gretchen Bernabei writing strategy

Objectives  Participants will 

  • Learn how to write Ba-Da-Bings, a writing strategy  
  • Write Ba-Da-Bings and the variations
  • Examine how to use Ba-Da-Bings in revision


Printable graphics for students are available under the section "Student Printables"


Approximately 30 minutes to view two slide shows in Videos section and to write at least three BaDaBings with variations. Additional time to visit teacher blogs and view other resources.


There are no Assignments.