Interactive Grammar Notebooks Overview

Alice Nine has created graphics to use to build Interactive Grammar Notebooks. These graphics align with her teacher's guide to teaching and applying grammar: Grammar Applications.

There are two versions:

  • Grammar Graphics (catalog code: GG) is designed for middle school students, can be used grades 6 to 9.
  • Grammar Graphics, Elementary (catalog code: GG-E) is designed for elementary students, can be used grades 2 to 7.

How are the versions different?

  • Grammar Graphics, Elementary has drawings with some of the content and covers grammar content from beginning grammar to grade 7.  
  • Grammar Graphics (GG) has slightly smaller lettering, no drawings, and covers grammar content from the beginning through high school.

How are they alike?

  • Both are aligned with the lessons in Grammar Applications by Alice Nine.
  • In both, some graphics are pasted flat while other graphics are foldables.
  • Both are printed in full-color.
  • The packaging is the same, e.g., loose sheets collated according to lessons, packaged in boxes for easy storage and convenient retrieval.
  • Both are meant to be created in a composition notebook