Johnny Can Spell Training

Course Summary
Johnny Can Spell Start-Up Training 
presents important background and alignment information to help you establish its place in literacy instruction in your classroom.

You will experience hands-on instruction through models via picture-in-a-picture videos, simulate student work, examine step-by-step how-to instructions, and review important teaching points.

You will 

  • Understand which components of literacy instruction are addressed in JCS
  • Understand how JCS aligns with reading research and brain research
  • Examine tips and tools for handwriting instruction
  • Learn how to effectively teach handwriting--manuscript and cursive
  • Learn the 70 common phonograms
  • Analyze words by applying phonics and spelling rules
  • Experience the JCS learning routines
  • Understand how to plan a lesson
  • Examine instructional timelines and schedules -- for a year, a week, a day
  • Review vertical alignment of instruction
  • Review how to assess student learning and support progress

In this training, you are equipped to teach the foundation knowledge and skills that support fluent reading and writing, learning how to do so without workbooks--with just paper and pencil.

In addition, topics in the Appendices include

  • An instructional framework for literacy
  • Aligning instruction reading research and brain research
  • How to sound out words
  • English phonemes
  • Handwriting tools, habits, helps
  • Letter formation
  • The cursive connection

Course Outline
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   Print-- Course Outline for Johnny Can Spell Start-Up.
   Watch-- Practicing the Phonograms   

Course Materials
Printable files are included, linked within the Sessions. It is the participant's responsibility to print or download these files.

Johnny Can Spell instructional materials although a must for implementation, are not needed to take the training. NINE Enterprises, Inc. is sole source of these materials; they can be purchased at Alice Nine's Online Store.   View / print a listing of our Instructional Materials  by grade level. Order Form.

Course Availability
Upon purchase, the course is accessible for twenty (20) consecutive weeks. Participation is at your convenience, 24/7.  It includes a Syllabus, Preparations Section, 22 Work Sessions, and several resource Sections. 

Each Work Session includes multiple videos with a total viewing time that ranges from 45 minutes to 90 minutes per Session. In addtion, there are hands-on activities as you simulate student work, take notes, and respond with reflective feedback via short essays and progress reports. Plan about 30 clock hours for course completion.

Account Integrity:
You have purchased enrollment per individual, and it is understood that only that individual will access the account and/or training material. It will not be shared with any other individual. Should it become evident in the course tracking system or course database that an account is being shared with another person, you will be notified and NINE Enterprises has the right to terminate your enrollment immediately without refund.

Course Certificate:
A Course Completion Certificate is available for 24 clock hours. A completion tracking feature and on-line activities that will be scored give the course an enhanced accountability.

Enrollment & Cost

Cost:  $145.00 per participant

Enrollment / Payment may be made with School Purchase Order

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