Modules make up the full course Writing STAAR™ Expository Essays

  • The 4th Grade STAAR™ Essay
    Level: Grades 2 - 4

    Course opens -- October 1, 2017
    Course closes -- March 30, 2018

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    Course Online Facilitator  Alice Nine

    Course Outline

    Module 1. Decipher the Rubrics

    We will analyze the three writing traits and the student performance descriptors in the STAAR™ writing rubrics.

    We will demystify the language of the rubrics in order to simplify and clarify how student writing will be assessed.

    Module 2. Deconstruct the Prompt

    We will closely examine each component of the expository prompt scaffold for the STAAR™ writing test in grade 4. 

    We will identify how students should use each component to support writing the essay for STAAR™.

    Module 3. Compare and contrast the personal narrative and expository

    We will create a chart (with Mr Marshmallow) that lists common essay elements and notes differences as we created a detailed, side-by-side illustrated comparison for the personal narrative and expository essays.

    Module 4. Develop the Essay

    Examine the structure and form of the expository essay and construct a graphic that represents each component.

    Develop a model essay:

        • Using the prompt to create a thesis statement (the clear central idea)
        • Using Alice Nine's X-Builder to draft the body
        • Recasting the thesis statement to create a conclusion with the clear central idea evident

    NEW   (1/20/18)  
    Module 5. From Prompt to Essay with Released STAAR 2015

    Part I: The process in detail, step-by-step, with rationale and teaching tips
         1) Getting inside the prompt and avoiding distractions
         2) Responding to the prompt with a clear central idea (thesis)
         3) Using X-Builder for Body to brainstorm supporting ideas and developing details
         4) Planning a conclusion based on the central idea (thesis)
    Part II: And then watch Alice Nine model each step using the STAAR 2015 prompt
    Part III: Six ways to revise the clear central idea


    Released TEA prompts
    STAAR-like prompts by Alice Nine
    TEA Scoring Guides for STAAR assessment and instruction

    Links to resources from TEA
    Alice NIne's side-by-side version of STAAR rubrics

    Materials  Notes and Handouts linked in this course so you can print them.

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    Course closes on March 31, 2018. 
    You may use videos for blended classroom instruction.
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    Assignments   Progress Reports conclude each Module. These become available once you have viewed videos and opened documents in the module. Progress Reports must all be completed and submitted to have access to the Certificate of Completion.

    Certificate  In the modules, check marks in tick boxes (right side of course screens) are a record of your work completion. Upon completion of all course work, a Certificate of Completion (6 clock hours) will be accessible. You must print and/or download your certificate. Keep in your professional files. N.I.N.E. Enterprises does not keep a file of these certificates.