• Strategies and routines to practice application of knowledge during test-taking situations.

  • What do you notice?
    Chunking the Sentence
    Scramble / Unscramble the Sentence
    Ape the Author (imitation)
    Tactical Sentence Instruction (TSI)

  • Grammar instruction without workbooks, worksheets, or textbooks. Teachers front-load grammar with anchor lessons and charts; each student creates an Interactive Grammar Notebook. The Notebook becomes the student's reference tool during writing.

  • Interactive Grammar Notebook is a how-to course that provides videos to create A9 Interactive Grammar Notebook. The Layout Guide used in these videos in the back of Grammar Applications. The Layout Guide aligns Grammar Graphics with the thumbnail sketches and lessons in Grammar Applications

    Grammar Applicstions is a 400-page teacher's manual for systematic, explicit grammar instruction.

    A subscription to this course is extended to participants in Alice Nine's grammar workshops and courses.

    A one-year subscription is extended to a teacher with the purchase of a classroom package of Grammar Graphics (GG-E)--a classroom package containing graphics to create 30 notebooks.

    Self enrollment: Interactive Grammar Notebook
  • Notes for Writing at the Sentence Level Workshop.